Why Choose GBN

What Is GBN?

GBN is a business networking company that assists small and medium enterprises to gain genuine business referrals. We aim to boost the strength of enterprises that struggle to maintain the competition with Multinational corporations. Our platform is ideal for both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-customer) business model. We began with a vision to help our fellow entrepreneurs grow their business opportunities. GBN recognizes the value of a business opportunity and endeavors to maximize them with the help of its members.

At GBN, we help all to find Business, events and happenings, News & Articles published at one place. We are committed to serve business listing, events promotion etc., by enabling better collaboration and communication for enhanced business aligned benefits.

GBN Vision

To be India’s leading business networking portal while helping members flourish with us.

GBN Mission

To grow business opportunities for our members through a well-directed network of relevant contacts.

How Do We Help YOU GROW?

The GBN website offers you an opportunity to be virtually surrounded by like-minded professionals. Once registered, the member can create their individual or company presence through a page, detailing the products and services that they are offering. The plethora of networks available works efficiently to connect you with the right buyer or the right seller, whichever you desire. This connection further builds a foundation of long-lasting business relationships. And may we mind you that a strong business relationship leads to more business connections!

But wait! We are not limited to the virtual presence only. Along with our network of genuine connections, we also offer exceptional seminars with motivational speakers. Our team collaborates with efficient spiritual and inspirational masters to offer you the ceaseless motivation you need to move ahead in your space. We understand that one cannot stay focused and aligned to one’s path, without the refill of fresh ideas and energy. A positive energy that rejuvenates you to achieve more. Our seminars play the role of that energy refill for you.

GBN also holds a monthly seminar wherein all members get a chance to personally meet the business professionals. This is an exceptional moment to introduce yourself and your offering, thoroughly to other members. We find privilege in bringing a talented pool of entrepreneurs and their potential customers together to interact and exchange ideas. This overwhelming action of creating a value-based event, that successfully impacts the lives of several individuals, compels us to work with zest and enthusiasm.

Why Choose a Business NETWORKING PORTAL?

  • New and Genuine business referrals
  • Exchange of valuable information
  • Stay updated
  • Enhanced Presence
  • Self-Development

New and Genuine business referrals

Business networking portals offer the opportunity to connect with a pool of business professionals who can then turn into your potential customers.

Connecting with like-minded business individuals often allows you to expand your horizon on new professions and how they can serve your company.

It also allows you to analyze, how you can serve these different professions and gain more exposure.

The value that you offer, with increased word of mouth, creates more high-quality referrals.

Exchange of valuable information

New associations create an inflow of knowledge and valuable information.

You can get a first-hand experience of a business you might want to invest in by learning from the members who are already into that particular sector You can save yourself the time and energy to plan on a project if your ideas do not match the information received.

This process of exchange can be influential. You can surely come across someone who has an impact on you. A mentor perhaps. Some actions which were previously

Stay updated

Networking keeps you updated with the latest trends in your industry as well as that of your peers.

You can avail this information to blend in certain changes that might profitably work for your organization.

This exchange of information may also result in a solution for your long-standing business woe.

Keeping yourself updated and in the loop of like-minded individuals often gives you strong confidence to convey yourself effectively to a larger audience

Enhanced Presence

More visibility leads to more potential customers.

Attending business events, seminars, workshops increases your visibility within your business circle When you are registered with a business networking portal, your business is seen as a credible source.

People recognize you more and think of your company when they are short of something that you offer.

You are a step ahead from your competitors to tap into more business opportunities.


Networking with like-minded professionals also contributes to your personal growth.

Interaction raises your enthusiasm, helps in public speaking and comforts you with the assurance that you are not the only one.

You strive to learn more, research more and aim to grow more.

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