1 Plentiful genuine contacts at a nominal cost.

  • We strive to maintain this platform for mutual benefits. Working on a win-win approach, we ensure that all our members benefit from the exposure in some or the other way.
  • We offer high-quality business references with an aim to increase your business opportunities.
  • We conduct registrations at a nominal cost to allow maximum small and medium scale enterprises to join us.

2 No interference, No commission from your business.

  • We do not interfere once we have carried forward your business-related inquiries to your concerned page.
  • You have the freedom to interact and carry forward the business from there onwards. However, civil and positive behavior is well-appreciated by all business professionals.
  • We do not charge any commission for your services rendered. GBN will not involve in your communication with your respective buyer/customer.

3 Liberty to publish events, news & articles related to your offering.

  • You can utilize your assigned page to publish news & articles related to your profession.
  • You can also update information about events related to your services.
  • Your page can also display the images of your products or services.

4 24 Hours Support.

  • Our diligent team is always available at your service. We respect your association with us and strive to offer effective solutions to your queries.

5 Zero-tolerance for misconduct.

  • Misconduct concerning payment, behavior or ethics will not be tolerated.
  • Though we offer you the freedom to interact directly with your customers, we also maintain a zero-tolerance stance for any kind of wrongdoing.

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